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Favoured songs: 200 of the 2000s

Modern Alt. Rock radio station edge102.1 has put together a top 200 decade list for the long weekend. Inspired, I figured I would attempt my own listing, given a few of my more recent song title entries. Same old list rules: one song per act, [Kroeger & Fergie, .:. no Nickelback or Black Eyed Peas]. Also, cover songs were excluded, such as Johnny Cash .. Hurt.

Adele .. Chasing Pavements
Air .. Cherry Blossom Girl
Air France .. June Evenings
Airborne Toxic Event .. Sometime around Midnight
Airiel .. Cinnamon
Arcade Fire, the .. Rebellion (Lies) --- c
Architecture in Helsinki .. Do the Whirlwind
Arden, Jann .. Where No One Knows Me --- c
Band of Horses .. No one's Gonna love You
Bat for Lashes .. Daniel
Bell X1 .. The Great Defector
Bella .. Give it a night
Bikini .. I Remember Being Young
Bird Automatic .. About the Money
Peter Bjorn and John .. Young Folks
Black Kids .. Hit the Heartbrakes
Black Tie Dynasty .. I Like You
Blind Terry .. When Prefab Sprout Wrecked my Mind
Bliss .. American Heart (ft Boy George)
Bloc Party .. Version2
Blondie .. Good Boys
Blue Nile, the .. High
BluEyes .. Chocolate --- c
Bravery, the .. An Honest Mistake
British Sea Power .. Begone
Bush, Kate .. How to be Invisible
Camera Obscura .. My Maudlin Career
Camp, a .. Love has left the Room
Cazals .. We're Just the Same
Ceremony .. Cold
Changes, the .. Water of the Gods
Chapman, Tracy .. Change
Chateau Marmont .. Anything and Everywhere
Church, the .. Don't You Fall
Coast, the .. Killing off our Friends --- c
Coldplay .. Speed of Sound
Compute .. Dance with Me
Crowded House .. Don't Stop Now
Crystal Castles .. Crimewave --- c
Dappled Cities .. The Price
Dark Romantics, the .. Let's Ride
Data Panik .. Sense Not Sense
Dears, the .. Lost in the Plot --- c
Death Cab for Cutie .. Title and Registration
Depeche Mode .. Precious
Dogs Die in Hot Cars .. Somewhat off the Way
Duff, Hilary .. Wake Up
Duffy .. Rain On Your Parade
East Hundred .. Slow Burning Crimes
50) Echo and The Bunnymen .. Parthenon Drive

Editors .. Munich
Edwards, Kathleen .. One more song the Radio won't Like --- c
Emerald Park .. Pasadena
Empire of the Sun .. Walking on a Dream
Ex-Lovers .. Just a Silhouette
Faunts, the .. Memories of Places We've Never Been --- c
Features, the .. All I Ask
Feist .. 1234 --- c
Fergie .. Clumsy
Fernandes, Danny .. Fantasy --- c [corrected]
Final Fantasy .. The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead --- c
Finger Eleven .. One Thing --- c
Five O'Clock Heroes .. Who
Furtado, Nelly .. Promiscuous --- c
Glasslights .. Someone Like Me
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
Go Betweens .. Here Comes a City
Gorillaz .. Feel Good Inc.
Hall, Daryl and Oates, John .. Man on a Mission
Hay, Colin .. Going Somewhere
Head Set, the .. 1982
Horse Shoes .. The Imperial School
Hot Hot Heat .. Goodnight Goodnight --- c
I Am Kloot .. No Direction Home
I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness .. Lights
Infadels .. Circus of the Mad
Interpol .. Take you on a Cruise
Iron and Wine w. Calexico .. He Lays in the Reins
Isles, the .. Flying under Cheap Kites
Jaguar Club, the .. World Gone By
Jealous Girlfriends, the .. Secret Identity
Jones, Howard .. Just Look At You Now
Junior Boys .. Count Souvenirs --- c
Jupiter One .. Countdown
Justice .. d.a.n.c.e.
k-os .. Man I Used to Be --- c
Kamera .. Borderline
Kaskade .. Move for Me
Kawaii .. Happy planet, scary people
Killers, the .. When You Were Young
King of France, the .. Mexico
Kroeger, Chad .. Hero --- c
Lady Gaga .. Paparazzi
Ladyhawk .. I Don't Always Know What You're Saying --- c
LadyHawke .. Another Runaway
LadyTron .. Destroy Everything
Language of Flowers .. If It's Not You
Lavigne, Avril .. Complicated --- c
Laylights, the .. Sparrow
100) Legends .. I Want to be like Everybody Else

Lights .. Drive My Soul --- c
Lodger, the .. Let her go
Lotus Eaters .. Can Your Kisses Fly?
M83 .. Graveyard Girl
(Gauci), Marika .. The Rhythm of the Night
Maritime .. Tearing Up the Oxygen
Maroon5 .. This Love
Mates of State .. Think Long
Metric .. Gimme Sympathy --- c
Metro Station .. Shake It
MGMT .. Kids (original)
Midnight Oil .. Golden Age
Midway State, the .. Never Again
Mighty Six Ninety .. Keeping You in Mind
Minipop .. Like I Do
Miserylab .. Up in Arms
Mission District, the .. Anchors --- c
Mobius .. Starts Off with a Bang
Moby .. We are all Made of Stars
Modest Mouse .. Missed the Boat
Mute Math .. Chaos
Neon Neon .. Raquel
Neptune .. Something has gone
New Cities, the .. Dead End Countdown --- c
Nixon .. Standby Mode
Northern Kind .. Please
Ocasek, Ric .. Bottom Dollar
October Guard .. Star Song (Harowissa) --- c
Olympic Hopefuls .. Holiday
Outkast .. Hey Ya!
Over the Atlantic .. Celia
Oxford Collapse .. Money You have is Too Little
Oxygen, Anna .. Fake Pajamas
Paper Moon -What Are You Going to do with Me? --- c
Parts & Labor - Nowheres Nigh
Performance .. Love Life
Perry, Katy .. I Kissed a Girl
Pet Shop Boys .. The Way It Used to Be
Phoenix .. 1901
Pilot Speed .. Into Your Hideout --- c
Pnau (ft LadyHawke) .. Embrace
Pole Position .. Boulevard (xo edition)
Poni Hoax .. She's on the Radio
Pussycat Dolls (ft Timbaland) .. Wait a Minute
Radio Dept, the .. Pulling Our Weight
Rakes, the .. Binary Love
Red Romance, the .. One Shot
Research, the .. Lonely Hearts Still Beat the Same
RGBs, the .. Come alive
150) Rialto .. Anyone Out There?

Rihanna .. Don't Stop the Music
Robbers on High St .. The Fatalist
Roberts, Sam .. Bridge to Nowhere --- c
Russian Futurists, the .. It's Actually Going to Happen
Sambassadeur .. Between the Lines
Scissor Sisters .. The Other Side
Seven .. City is Burning
Shiny Toy Guns .. You Are the One
Shout Out Louds .. Tonight I Have to Leave It
Silent League, the .. Kings and Queens
Sleepmask .. Voudou
Snow Machine .. Birmingham
Snow Patrol .. Chasing Cars
Somnambulants, the .. Watercolors
Sounds, the .. No One Sleeps when I'm Awake
Spoon .. I Turn my Camera on
Springsteen, Bruce .. Radio Nowhere
St. Vincent .. Now Now
Stars .. Calendar Girl --- c
Starsailor .. This Time
Stefani, Gwen .. Cool
Stellastar .. Love and Longing
Stills, the .. Being Here --- c
Sting .. Desert Rose
Sugar Report, the .. Dear Friends and Enemies
Talkdemonic .. Dusty Flourescent Wooden Shelves (instr)
Tearwave .. Forgettable Name
Tegan and Sara .. Back in your head --- c
Temper Trap .. Disposition
Tesla Boy .. Fire
Thieves Like Us .. Drugs in My Body
This Episode .. The Movies
Tiger Baby .. At Least I'm Honest
Tiger Tones .. Seventeen
Tigercity .. Red Lips
Toyko Police Club .. Your English is Good --- c
Tragically Hip, the .. In View --- c
Triangles, the .. Let's Replace the Cityscapes
U2 .. Beautiful Day
Valeria (ft Aria) .. Girl I Told Ya
Veronicas, the .. Untouched
Virgins, the .. Rich Girls
Volcano, I'm still Excited .. 2nd Gun
Voom Blooms, the .. Politics & Cigarettes
Waking Eyes, the .. All Empires Fall --- c
Walkup, the .. In the Park
White Lies .. Farewell to the Fairground
White Rose Movement .. Love is a Number
Wombats, the .. Let's Dance to Joy Division
200) Yeah Yeah Yeahs .. Zero

--- c, 32 songs by Canadians. Never a big Tragically Hip fan, I do like their song included here.

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