Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cdn Cable Retro rulez!

Shown above is a data table listing all of the great, and not-so-great, former TV shows to be broadcast for this upcoming weekend and the following 'weekday' Monday (three days: midnight to midnight) on the widely popular Canadian licenced Retro channels. Also included is the specialty Mystery channel. Alongside these is an over-the-air subchannel affiliate from Buffalo, NY. All listings were sourced from the Zap2it.com website during this past weekend.
In Summary:
Me-TV = 55
Comedy Gold = 15, DejaView = 16, TVtropolis = 24; adding up to a Grand Total of... = 55.

Wow. How much do all three (Cdn. retro) channels cost a digital cable or satellite subscriber to obtain? Me-TV also carries occasional NY Yankees major league baseball games - while receiving complete letterbox formats of regular Cdn. /U.S. network stations and other subchannels: free, over-the-air.

note: Don't forget about the very recently dropped RTV channel, nor the TCT-3 Family subchannel - comparable to CTS' offerings.

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