Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Steve Paikin:

This is about this evening's Ontario election debate. You have hosted a series of these political events, and mostly to positive reviews. Was tonight's the ugliest leaders' debating stage of all-time?
Immediately, it looked to me like a funeral home for the damned. Grimy, shadowy, dank, jarringly dull, in a still generous word, ugh. At least the three leaders all got to look towards the camera side for their 90 minutes' endurances. You meanwhile had to take in that same stage backdrop, and floor lettering, seated at life-size as compared to my modest TV set size. And I could look away; which I did.
So how much did it cost to design and build? Where did its project funding draw from? Why wasn't that nifty multi-square federal debate set used just last spring - in Ottawa and Montreal, borrowed again for this event? Do you think this one was worth even half of whatever its cost was? What else could the money have been better put towards?
Yikes. I couldn't hardly keep my attention towards whatever it was that any of the party leaders were saying. Was that the set design's point?

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