Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lib's Campaign Cookie crumple, 2011.

An Ontario Liberal Party strategist presented^ a Betty Crocker 'Hudak Helper' Meal Mix imaging spoof of NDP party leader, and MPP, Andrea Horwath this past Friday on his personal web journal. Deja vu? It was again (pregain?) in 2007 however that he had earlier used this same outdated kitchen theme tactic against another female Progressive Conservative MPP.

From the July 2007 Toronto Star article (linked above): MacLeod said McGuinty's refusal to apologize for a remark that suggests a woman's place is in the home leaves him in a "credibility gap," given his talk about getting more women elected in the Oct. 10 [2007] Oct. 6 [2011] provincial vote.

[UPD] ^Sep 26th Leftovers reposting.



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