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  • Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Vote Compass Ont.? Really?

    While perrusing the American Thinker website this morning, I ran across an online ad for the CBC's Vote Compass - Ontario. Earlier this week as I had caught a few channel surfing seconds (ch. 66.1 vs. 67.1) of Ezra Levant's Sun News program joking with the CBC Liberal slanted push-poll - I had completely assumed that his program was only repeating a segment from last Spring's federal election.
    Unclaimed bias is one thing, stubborn incompetence is another. Yet another hamfisted political manoeuver being made by the CBC? Jeesh, let it go.
    Besides, I don't see the slim chance of a PC majority gov't for Ontario happening this time around; so just read the news instead of always trying to re-shape the news.



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