Tuesday, October 25, 2011

.25 all-time high'er

This website has already passed September's 1,032 mark for visits.
Although I think there was only one comment added - for the prior month's RTV cancellation entry. Somehow I don't think all of these 'hits' are real; perhaps many are being generated via a few self-links left when commenting elsewhere. YES IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE OTHER ONLINERS RECIPROCATE. C'mon, this here is 'gold'. .25 Proof.

And yet - as god is my witness - that Sun News woman stood to the side of widescreen... and leaned [further] back at the end of her TSX update segment this afternoon. It didn't help much though. (And there was no increase traced to visits based on last night's 9:48 p.m. entry either.)

Not surprising, Rogers Social Media personnel visibly commented at Warren Kinsella's 'How much do i hate Rogers?' entry - within 20 hours of posting. Me, nothing. That's some corporate Social Media group! Only talk to high level persons who have worked in public for you.


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