Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CBA 2011: Don't Listen to Lena!

Each Fall I peruse over to the Canadian Blog Awards. However it had become disembodied in some ways and so by last year's annual popularity voted contest I pretty much ignored it altogether.
Well it is up and running once again; with its nomination period, this time, lasting this whole month of October. So I began to sample some of the prior winning blogs announced for 2010.
Listen to Lena! took the Overall best, and Family best, blog category(s). The first thing that struck my attention was its Ford.ca sponsorship decal. Yeah, that's right*. Anyway, much of this mommy blog's currently active page scans as a friendly endorsement to 'buzz advertising'. There were multiple prize contests plus mentions of various consumer products and corporate supplies received.
That's fine and dandy - but is that really Canadian Blog of the Year worthy?

* Sorry, A 5-day women's blogger conference in San Diego might be nice - it still aint a repeat 3rd row(!) Leafs ticket, plus concession food, AND seven rentals. Lady - you're gettin' a Farrah discounted treatment while another is Ford Canada's 'Six Million Dollar' MAN.
Heck, five days? Each free new Summertime Ford Motor Company car rental lasted longer than that. 'Lee' could've driven there - listening to that pre-installed satellite radio system - and back, and still lounged upon the sands of the Pacific.



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