Thursday, October 13, 2011

dinner's off with M&M Meat Shops

I miss food purchases made at the M&M meat shops chain. But they don't maintain any locations within an hour's walking distance where I live in West Central T.O. They haven't done so in a few years. It is also a place that I would have (had I could have) very much liked to have become a franchiser with.
Quiet and clean, friendly yet brisk. You walk in, dawdle over the weekly flyer, state your order, pay, and leave. Try doing that at one of those mega-jumbo supermarkets that have sprouted up.
I have noticed a recent increase in e-mailings from them. This is caused from an old max card subscription.
While the products are top-notch, sometimes so's the pricing. And my economy, nowadays, is more that - economy. Probably that explains the e-mailings; more people settling for budget choices. Heck, forget the sales - I've been buying a fair amount of my food supply with the day-after discount. That's a bit of a drop from past years I have had. (modest) Lavishing without concern upon pleasanter necessities - while knowing I that I wasn't going to elevate towards home ownership or becoming that kind of success who maintains a steady job for 12 or 15 years' solid and living in a 'you betcha' near-city Ontario ruralship. If things pick-up for me again, I'll be hard-pressed to soon allow for such 'personal extravagances' again. No health care, no pension, no paid for home, and old age is my most probable future. It always was; I was just younger then.

I have thought about that all-time dinner question. M&M's Mac Voisin, Running Room founder John Stanton, and perhaps Liz Janik of Toronto pop radio renown, are probably the three "dinner guests" that I would most like to sit down with. Guaranteed there is good food, not too much to spoil it, and maybe some enjoyable music. Although then I would become far too self-conscious and start wondering what was I doing there? Maybe I should just 'be the busboy' and instead let Rick Vaive or Dave Stieb seat fourth. Let's face it; I'm more of a take it away from the table guy than the type who can bring it.

* title inspired by a latest 'dinner's on' mass e-mailing.



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