Sunday, October 09, 2011

I've been doing you The FAVOUR!

Inspired this from morning's Blood Services comment left at Toronto Mike's.
Or last night's Windmills versus former Mississauga / Oakville oil refineries.
Or sometimes challenging (and a few times supportive) comments left at TV Feeds my Family or Alan or Canadian Crossing. And also at the Toronto Star's moderated commenting.
James Bow just posted this week about his wife's national 2011 literature award. He's been a known S. Ont. non-partisan blogger for years. So, how many of you bothered to drop a congratulation message? Hey?

For those of you whom I ever shared a comment with, or those innumerous others who perhaps only read online debates and discussions, I have improved your lives. Simply by the consideration of offering my fair-minded honesty.
I can remember a couple of comments approved at TV feeds... I finally stated that I wouldn't leave another that benefited CTVglobemedia. It was about their stupidly off-putting in-house NFL presentations of last year. Of course, they never took notice of little ol' CQ; they just corrected themselves and improved their product.

I wish that anyone online, particularly here in: grand, progressive, caring, intelligent, mindful, elite, successful, Toronto - was even a quarter as responsive and helpful as myself! (Many of) you have utterly failed me.
Enjoy your turkeys and yams.



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