Sunday, October 09, 2011

Rogers and Me(TV).

I found MeTV on Rogers. That is, their basic plus cable package called MeTV.
Instead I'm in the midst of watching the real MeTV's Sunday night Noir programming via an over-the-air broadcast schedule.
To be fair, the naming of Rogers 'MeTV package' likely predates the actual U.S. retro TV subchannel network. $17.50 a month for "great channels such as TBS, Comedy Network, Family Channel, Prime, Treehouse, Headline Sports and many more."? Well, that's okay. It's better than $22.83 for their 'Classic Combo' package of "a great selection of some of the most popular networks, such as A&E, TSN, MuchMusic TLC, Discovery Channel and many more."
Plus a monthly $2.99 digital service fee, plus a $3.99 standard definition terminal rental fee. An Ultimate TV Pak (MeTv, CC, and digital basic) lists for $63.15 a month excl. fees.
I only paid $60 for a converter box; and that might still have been cheaper if I had purchased on a 10-50% off scratch and save day. Maybe another $15 for the indoor antenna purchased beforehand. P.S., all major networks available in converted (and complete) widescreen.



At February 05, 2012 2:16 p.m., Anonymous David said...

Thanks for the info! I couldn't even find anything about it on the Rogers site.


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