Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sir Adam Beck: Grandpa Matrix.

a) ROGERS Communications OWES me something! (more details below).

After perusing at a booksale this morning, I strolled down University Avenue and over to the Eaton Centre. I left the 'Tent City Community College' (Occupy Bay St.) sit-in, a little further south, to itself.
As I approached University and Queen - there his statue stands. Tell me that isn't "Grandpa Matrix", with his long coat flowing in the breeze. lol.
Sir Adam Beck himself was an impressive figure. Fairly much what you would expect of any knighted Canadian with a prominent statue made in his honour. Yet we also lightheartedly refer to a nearby 'Gumby' statue standing at University and Dundas.

Then on to my Rogers kerfuffle of the day.
Remember the postcard thing I wrote about, 3-4 weeks ago. I got to thinking - okay, I'll go ahead and buy a few of the newer cards; beginning with the misspell. "Did you see that? No, what did you see? I thought, for a moment, there was a cat, and then it reappeared."
The 'matrix' made a change. No More Rogers Center postcard! There was the night-time Museum crystal, etc., no 2011 stadium card. Two locations that I knew HAD that card - gone.
Either some keen-eyed collector bought out a stack of 50, twice, hoping for a rarities fortune in 30 years' time. Or that card was recalled, probably through its The Postcard Factory maker.
I believe Rogers Communications owes me. Hey, I spotted their naming error. So quite rightly to my view, Rogers should have at least given me a correspondence note of appreciation. Maybe some p.r. delivered swag? Like a Blue Jays* jersey or club level ticket. Or a gift voucher to their souvenir shop? Perhaps a few months of free internet or cable. Or maybe something useful... like a job.
Sure, it could have been noted, separately, by someone in-house to Rogers Communications. I didn't even get so much as a lousy b*gger-off comment submitted here by them.

note: I'm mostly half-cheesed at myself over this - just for knowing that I passed on their misspell card when I had the initial chance to buy one. Dang.
*The irony, hah.

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