Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sobey's gets it.

In visiting long-timer Ghost of a Flea's journal site, I ran across a Sep. 29th entry where an update indicated that Sobeys Supermarket had very quickly responded to a posted criticism regarding a confused coupon usage. Well done Sobeys!

Now compare that to Ford Motor Company of Canada. On one hand, their ace online public relations team kept giving seven fancy new car rentals to the very same (white male) individual across four straight summers.
On the other, their SW Ontario Ford drivers were reputed by 'Christian Conservative' of playing good 'ol boy Convoy from Hell against citizens driving along the 401, back on Jul. 27th. Seriously? Then Ford actually got a tout, this past weekend, in a major weekend newspaper article about their world of online marketing. Yikes.

Hey folks, I always keep the e-mail account listed on my profile page (seven years' strong) and I can always be reasonably reached privately or just through the publicly moderated commenting here. Although, I don't think that I have ever received a private e-mail in regards to .25's blogging activity.

[Oct 6th 1p.m. UPD] Ford Canada gives Mike (same guy) 3rd row tickets to the Toronto Maple Leafs season opening game, vs. the Montreal Canadiens.

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