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  • Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Toronto Marathon's 80, & 100 year-old.

    They're still going strong.
    Ed Whitlock, now 80, and Fauja Singh, now 100, are headed* to the 2011 Toronto Waterfront marathon - again. I wrote about Whitlock back in 2004, when he broke the sub-three hour time at age 73.
    A little unconfirmed for Whitlock - the National Post article was issued earlier on June 28th of this year. He still ran under 3:30 as an 80 year-old in Rotterdam just this past April. And naturally, the 100 year-old has garnered much of the fleeting media attention this week. Neither name is listed under the 2011 alphabetical general participants' page list.
    Best wishes to each; for this Sunday's race and just best wishes in general!

    Remembrance, too, goes to the late Danny Kassap, winner of the 2004 T.O. Waterfront marathon. A young man who sadly passed away earlier this Spring.

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