Friday, October 14, 2011

worst Music Video of all-time.

I believe that I have just seen the worst music video on The CoolTV. It is Drugs by Ratatat (2010). The song itself is an electronic instrumental. The video is mostly a changing series of faces.

And yet it was fascinating to watch. Better still; it was was followed up immediately by He is We's Happily Ever After (2010). Which, as another video, projects a similar faces profile.
Canadian readers here must not watch or listen to this second song. That is not provided to you. Sure, it is a gentle female singer led song which could and should easily be a CHFI or CHUMfm number one hit. But it is not pre-known to you. It is not Wal*mart, or U.S. Grammy Awards telecast verified, for you.
Concluding these two songs in a set was Erase Me by Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West (2010). That is wrong for you, too. They are black; the second artist is white. Do not easily mix your (non-countdown) music playlist by race, nationality, nor genre - unless it is three decades old (like Elton John and Stevie Wonder). That is not how our mainstream radio allows you to listen to music. Instead, do mix up music by 'decade' of release.
And especially do not view or listen to the follow-up promo of Usher and Bieber. We may not blend electronic instrumental, indi white female, black urban hipness, and teen pop culture icons (of the same immediate 1-3 years) together. Especially not whenever such four 'diverse' musical items all feature matching visual styles. Only throw completely mismatching slop together into any brief music set.
Actually, Cool TV's 'worst' - was better than anything from Canadian media's best.

*NOTE: this is a parody intended blog posting.



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