Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Canada's Liberal Military flag?

Thoughout my lifetime I've thought of our recogizible Canadian flag as being grandly brought to us by P.M. Pearson and the Liberal Party of Canada, during its minority term of governance. And that staunch old Conservatives had hated it since our military had fought two world wars, plus the Korean Conflict under the previous Union Jack emblem flag.
Does this look familiar?
Without getting into a differing red-hand / Ireland biblical debate, the (vertical red white red) Red Hand Flag, displayed via the 1st link, was used by a race-segregated military division of the United States Army during WW1 - assigned to France's leadership.
The Cdn. flag's deciding politican was always spoken of as an expert in gov't royal colours and official symbols. Yet was the Red Maple Leaf version, instead, perhaps a sly intentional reference towards Canada's own military relationship with the U.S.A.? Or just a coincidence.

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