Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cinnamon and Cheese Curds.

Just last night, I saw a news feature about something called a Cinnamon Challenge. Apparently, as dangerous as it can be, it sure was funny. Those health concerns didn't quite stop ABC News from displaying video after video of people involuntarily spewing undigested cinnamon.
What struck me is that... cinnamon? I had never of this challenge but it has been around for many years. For me, cinnamon recalls summer vacation camping trips.
There was winter food, and there was summer food.
It was during those stays upnorth, that occasional trips to a general slash dairy store were made. In the winter, food was mainly a supermarket concern. Yet, people go away and the next thing you know they are spending a morning out on a countryside raspberry field, with a 'picking your own' basket, or shucking corn instead of opening a tin can of the stuff, over a stove.
Anyway, at said store, two items became my favourite: a jar of cinnamon, and a sizable milk shake container of cheese curds.
The cinnamon would get itself slathered onto fresh toast. Chesse curds were a snack all by themselves.
A few years back I bought Cheese curds from a supermarket. A disappointment. The plastic bag packaging was rather small, and the item itself was priced like a high-end delicacy. It's something I miss.
Cinnamon on fresh toast is another something that fell off from my usual home menu, too.



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