Saturday, March 03, 2012

Iceland for Quebec?

One of the news items of this weekend is a consideration of Iceland [potentially] adopting the Canadian dollar as its currency. Both the Globe, Star, as well as the blogosphere, including Metanoodle have written about this.
While I agree with some of the advantages stated, one drawback I foresee is Quebec's reaction. If Iceland can use the Loonie AND remain independant... Yeah. There's a danger point for our 'neverendum' Canada. Which would then only frustrate other regions into further musings about semi-adopting the U.S. dollar (or the USA itself) - for "local improvement" away from Ottawa and a perceived Quebec Pandering influence.
Still, that is only one possibility of uncertain chance. Iceland is small by population scale. They have a tie-in with Canada's own early population growth. However, Quebec is far more intregal to Canada's coast to coast to coast existence.
Due to Canada's insecurity with its Quebec province, I think Iceland (like Newfoundland in 1949) would need to join-up at either 100% with Canada or leave it at nothing beyond neighbourly friendship.

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