Thursday, April 12, 2012

1974, then and now.

Per a Star news article, an enterprising 9 year-old, in Los Angeles, might be getting himself a free Gottlieb 'Big Brave' pinball machine from 1974.
Not too shabby! An estimated worth of $4,000 for that particular machine and another $110,000 received in scholarship money via his online video's popularity. He had devised a cardboard mock-up arcade at his dad's auto parts store. The kid got to also meet with a few professional players; he hadn't got to play a real pinball table within his young life span so far.
Yet 1974? Er, wasn't pinball declared illegal from 1939 to 1974, for cities such as Los Angeles and New York?
Gosh, next thing you know, today's kids might be riding banana seat bicycles without their helmets. Danger, danger!



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