Thursday, April 26, 2012

CHUM-fm's top songs since '77

An interesting long weekend music list is shaping up for Chum-fm.  Next May 24th 20th-21st, they will playing their - with listener input - choices for a top 200 of the last 35 years.  What's interesting won't be the music itself though.
Currently there is a young competitor (amongst others) station in Toronto, called Boom. And they are succeeding with a 70s 80s 90s and beyond playlist.  Chum's ongoing strength is its top ranked perennial Morning Show, continued ever since the mid-80s, of Roger, Marilyn, and a new 3rd person.
1977 was also the start-up year for a pair of local (now Corus owned) radio stations, The Edge and Q-107.  They, too, have had their own distinctive histories and styles, yet both keeping generally aside of the pure mainstream sound as embodied by Chum-fm.  Chum's history (and Chum fm's without its am stations's) goes back two decades farther than 1977; so why that year as a cut-off point?  Why not a 25, 40, or 45 years' chart? 
I have long found Chum, however, to be a radio station of a markedly spilt personality.  On one hand it is the home of 90s era Rod Stewart, some MJ and Madonna... On the other hand, big label, modern urban, Dance songs dominate its playlist.  So how will a 35 year chart be aligned?  Which fan-base, soccer moms vs. soccer daughters, will vote and nominate online in greater numbers?  Which will be in-town and actually listening, during Spring's getaway weekend.  And how will it all be compiled?  That is different than accepting, on faith, the alleged wisdom of a ratings book.
Plus how will Toronto's sizable incoming immigration and out-retiring baby boomer patterns skew the results - particularly as to historically popular-if-fleeting CanCon?  Will a currently drawn up music list reflect Chum's own localized history, or will it turnout more like a genericly oversighted Billboard USA flashback?

A true 35 years' compressed into 200 music list would be devised by having 6*25 + 5*10 (year-end chart toppers, including(!) at least, one CanCon selection) as taken from each individual year.  And it is probably too much to hope for the one-song per artist rule to be applied either.

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