Sunday, April 15, 2012

How many Icons are on your Desktop?

My PC is a decade old; When I bought it*, as a custom system of brand-name components, XP was just released. I've (later on) added RAM memory some years back and doubled its hard drive as well. Although these are still puny by current standards, the accompanying 17" CRT (a specific model bought as a remaining floor demo) still rules.
To the question at hand: 26 icons appear on my desktop. Just two vertical columns (9 icons each) with another 6 along the bottom for accessing various drives and/or folders directly. 2 more also appear at the top of a 3rd column. And that's it.
Now, there is a slight cheat involved; I use four group folders containing a variety of Icons tucked away. There is a Cardgame group folder, another for Photography programs, and a couple for general or misc. items.
My program bar is similarly organized with only 13 1st-level subfolders. For example, I have a 'Suites' folder for Office-type programs, then a Microsoft folder, and then the individual icons for Excel, Word, (free) MS-Powertoys etc. Also under the Suite group is an old Lotus program, Calculators, etc. Another main folder is for 'Games', while 'Arcade' takes its own main level folder.
That's pretty tidy for a well-established PC (I think). I've seen a few other desktop displays, how cluttered is your main screen, and/or program bar?

*Actually, I bought the O/S and Suite at (corporate) cost. I should have, at cost, also purchased Visual Studio 6 - but MS was just then near to issuing its newest greatest, which never did take off. I also regret not buying an Atari /Commodore joystick adapter; a plastic 9-pin joystick was discovered a few years' later. At least really old typeboards still work 100%.



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