Thursday, April 19, 2012

I don't volunteer.

Apparently this is National Volunteer Week. Except that I don't volunteer. I used to give blood but a previously straight forward and rather efficicent process just became too bogged down. Likewise I used to sign an organ donor card, and that process also grew clumsy and unwanted. So I stopped.
As to volunteering - I find that society is social, however it must be a two-way street!
So ask people who participate with volunteering a few questions:
Do you own a car?
Do you own a house?
Do you have a (relatively) rewarding job? A pension and/or other benefits or security? Dental Care?
Do ordinary people regularly accept or avoid you? There are fair-hair childs of the world with no idea of how non fair-hairs plod about through their lives.
When your own cupboards are bare, there's little to give and share. To then volunteer would be a form of Appeasement. That's why I don't like food banks. I would rather starve and die, then allow the overall workplace(s) to take away my basic contributions for, literally and financially, next to nothing! And for what? To provide some organized "good works charity" plush hidden salaries and also their [and their sponsors'] boasted claims of 'owning' your effort and provisions?
Many people wisely look at financial statements nowadays before giving their money. Would you still giveaway your own time freely, regardless? Would you volunteer at a park, if knowing its paid staff and management were running chronic salary deficits?
I wish I did have a modestly better life. Then... I would share and contribute willingly. Instead I live in a wealthy province where everyone, of proper entitlement and acceptance, gets a big rewarding - as organized - private slice of the pie beforehand. And afterwards, I find just too many needlessly and heart wrenching, hard poverty stories, etc., of begging for measly crumbs from 'the system'. No thanks.



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