Saturday, April 14, 2012

I love a 12-7 football game.

The Argonauts' CEO is interviewed in a transcript article* at the Toronto Star.
I love American Pro Football; the Canadian version, never really. The -- 12-7 'fun game' quote -- summaries my dislike of the CFL (my replies follow the extracted quotes):

-- Also, if we were to move, where would we go? Varsity would have possibly been a tremendous success with its location and history. Maybe BMO Field? Or York University? --
Varsity, home of the 2-78 (1998-2007) U of T team. BMO Field, painted flag-red and white instead of T.O. blue - now with the Montreal Impact wearing 'our traditional colours'. York University, home of the previous CIS consecutive losing record team.

-- For now, we’re at the Rogers Centre (for next five years). We have to make sure it’s filled by creating an exciting team. --
Extend a better awning cover throughout the entire upper deck. And ditch the multiple front rows' field level awnings. Seriously.

-- The average fan would rather see us with a .500 record at home and the average score 38-35 than 9-0 at home with an average score of 12-7. --
Actually I can agree the statement but only up to a point. The fact is that EVERY CFL GAME is 38-35. And that is no longer an actual game, just a gussied up 'practice'.

-- We can’t be satisfied with a winning team that plays dull football and keeps the ball between the 25-yard lines all the time. --
The opposite: keeping the ball inside the 25-yard end zones 'all the time', means nothing. Where is ever the sense of accomplishment, for scoring and achieving and gaining a lead or a victory? Sure, 38-35 is nice, once in a while... as long as 12-7 also happens.

-- If we had a paid attendance of at least... and marry that to a potential increase in revenue when a new television contract is signed, then we could be in the black by 2014. --
In Toronto, I'll be watching my third regular 2012 season Yankees baseball game (already) this Tues. via free o-t-a television. There's a lot of issues with the CFL on (restricted) cable TV. One of these is its reversion to 'a game on any ol' day' scheduling. So I cannot even know when to roughly expect that a CFL game is on TV; why the heck would I then bother to attend?

-- The logo will remain the same but we’re going to have new uniforms --
Er, what were the current uniforms? Honestly are they still blue? Leafs / Jets, Jayz / Rays, don't ask me to recognize 'our' Raptorz either.

* posting note: I just noticed that this was a week-old article. And doesn't that summarize it all.

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