Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leaving 'more fluffy, less feisty' to CTV.

Sometimes reading a television column by John Doyle is just frustration. Or it can be unavoidably amusing. The Globe and Mail has been a corporate partner of CTV, etc. for many years, both with Bell Canada and without Bell.
Today's writing is that the CBC warmly embrace its budget cuts, and back off from popular business shows or to reduce scripted episodes of successful shows. That maybe it can also produce a Fashion show now that Bell Media has just cancelled its 'inherited with CityTV' 27-year FT program. "A CBC less fluffy and more feisty."
Thus why not? Only CBC Toronto, along with $1 CHCH broadcasts any stock market index updates, as well, during the daytime. CTV Toronto does not - even with a full hour-long News Program running alongside its very own (zero competition) digital licenced Business News Channel and sports fill-ins from its Disney partnered ESPN clone Sports Network / Sports Network Two, plus its purchased CP - CityPulse- 24 local Toronto cable news channel and regularly recycled '24/7' News Channel, while one-year start-up competitor SunTV News struggles for optional carriage.
Maybe the CBC can also pick-up CTV's recent Cdn. sitcom cancellations Dan for Mayor and Hiccups - each ending at approximately 15 episodes combined over the past two summer-time seasons. They're already continuing with Murdoch Mysteries, formerly with CityTV.
After also semi-reviewing a newly released attack book by an ex-CBC president; Doyle's column ends with, "The CBC will survive too. But if it is to thrive, it needs to find its style. And style doesn’t cost money. Just as money doesn’t buy taste."
This from the Canadian licenced broadcast home of Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, The View, Live with Kelly, Ellen, (previously) The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Amazing Race, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, NFL but never CFL sports and tons of blocked U.S. show purchases kept away from pre-bankruptcy Global and the sold-out and cherry picked CityTV group.
Just keep collecting your mandatory TalkTV channel $ubscription dollars, touch-tone phone service fee$, paper-trail billing fee$, forced all-channel$ only cable availability subscriptions...
At least CBC radio 2 can also fill the gulfing sized void also left by Bell Media's collection of numerous popular mu$ic licenced radio stations in Toronto, plus Bell's new Astral Media purchases.

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