Saturday, April 21, 2012

Palace Pier Casino?

There's an interesting article in today's Globe and Mail about a proposal for man-made islands in the Humber Bay area of Lake Ontario, in Toronto.  At first it seems entirely altruisic.  A place for mega-construction dirt, an added home for migratory birds, a cleaner public beach for the west-end neighbourhood...
Then I thought, more 'big city' marina slips for the luxury boating community.
Then I thought, an excuse to fill-in the existing (remaining) open Swansea - Parkdale parkland with lakefront Condos; the west side of Humber Bay is already crammed up.  And to scrap the continuous pathing of the Martin Goodman Trail?
Then I thought... there's the New Casino. (MGM really wouldn't want to retrofit an undersized 40 year-old Ontario Place Structure).  Nor would the constant heaviness of slot machines make a lot of sense, as lifted into the air.

*Palace Pier - besides being an actual fun spot many decades ago - immediately next to the Humber river, became the site of an early, lonely, (elegant) lakefront condominum.  Years later, a second tower, PP2, was erected immediately in front of it.  Followed shortly by the modern millenium's tacky sardine crush across the Etobicoke side.

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