Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stargrading the CBC.

The Toronto Star is running a series of online articles concerning the CBC. Why? I don't know. While those at the Star often like to pretend that they are a non-partisan, yet fiercely Liberal, Federal Government agency, well, they are not.
Anyway there is a dedicated CBC program rating page - English language TV and Radio. Of course the lowest TV mark (3.6) goes to a business news program. The highest mark (9.5) is shared between daytime's Best Recipes Ever and Fashion File. The English radio column meanwhile has only one program rated below 6.3, Nightscream listed at a 5.6 mark.
It just seems like a load of rather unproductive (without page advertisements) reportage work, from the yes-its-for-profit, local area audience only, company TorStar. Are they going to provide the same for Shaw Media and others?



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