Sunday, October 21, 2012

Muslim Terrorist willed by 'Gay Atheist'.

Toronto's Sunday Star has headlined a Cdn. Press sympathy story about Omar Khadr (he and family lived in my political riding, btw) as being named in the will of a "Gay Atheist".  What the misguided contributor's sex (Gay vs. Lesbian or homosexual) or religious identity has to do with the story - as a headline - I don't know.  I'll assume the subject is also White by default, unless 'Yellow, Red, Black, Brown, or Polka-Dotted' Gay Atheist was deemed racist.
In the CP story (unsigned) Khadr is described as a "Canadian war criminal", "Toronto-born man" and "former child soldier".  Khadr wasn't a "Canadian War criminal"; certainly he and his family weren't acting on behalf of Canada!  The debate on whether he was (legitimately) a "child soldier" at nearing 16 and unidentified as a combatant has long been argued.  A recent Toronto Star column writer had boasted about her own under-aged uncle's inclusion in WWII.  Lots of Cdn families have similar stories.
However this only concerns an amount of $700.  Already that wouldn't purchase a one month's rent or a year's car insurance.  It is stated as being possibly useful towards education.
I guess leaving the money towards a deserving and innocent needy person(s) isn't flashy enough.  I'll recommend the local women's shelter, assisted living groups, gov't debt repayment, a charity within his 'community', a hospital lottery, overseas medical work, etc.  He could even leave that money, instead, for the involved U.S. soldiers and their families, or towards a Cdn. military donation.  A healthy 26 year-old, deservedly in prison for a serious crime, isn't upon that list.

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