Sunday, December 30, 2012

Toronto's Marlboro boys?

With the absence of top-tier pro hockey [accepted], other versions of the game get drawn to attention.  I was surprised by a current reference to a Toronto Marlboros hockey tournament taking place during this holiday break for Junior Hockey aged boys.
Yes the Marlboros have been around for over 105 years.  But who wouldn't have first thought of Marlboro Cigarettes and its iconic American 'Marlboro Man' advertising?  Does anyone still find Labatt posters rather than Budweiser at Canadian sporting venues?  Canadian, and/or local, heritage means sweet f-all in post-2000 Canada.  That's not my choice though; just how it is.
Some time back, all cigarette company sponsorships were outlawed here.  Hence no more Benson and Hedges international fireworks competitions during the Summer down at the lake.  And, also internationally, no more smoke ads for auto racing in most places.
Legal eagles can dance around it - but Marlboros today can only mean 'Marlboros'.  Otherwise, wouldn't the Minor League adult "Marlies" team, also located here in the Toronto Area still be referred to as the Marlboros?

I tells you what note:
Previously already, three of the Marlboro Man(s) died - of lung cancerNot including William Thourlby, the original 1950s portrayer.  He didn't smoke.
Can we not just change our Marlboros' team name?

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