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  • Thursday, April 24, 2014

    Streetcar death Toronto Cop Unsuspended.

    Last year, there was a midnight streetcar passenger killed by Toronto Police gunfire.  Sammy Yatim had snapped and brandished a knife.  Per various news reports to date: no one was hurt nor touched.  Independently filmed by a corner store's surveillance camera, all other passengers and the transit driver quickly exited to their own safety.  The last fellow passenger even bothered to carry out his own bicycle from within the streetcar.
    Approximately a dozen or more officers responded to the scene within minutes.  One officer fired at the suspect nine times; eight bullets entering the body.  The suspect was alone and inside towards the front doors of the streetcar.  He, or his sudden corpse, would become tasered twice as well - by an as yet unidentified co-officer.
    As expected, there was a legal review of this incident.  The cop who singularly fired nine times at the suspect was suspended WITH pay.
    None of the other police officers on hand, retired, nor across Toronto's 'thin blue line', have stated any public disagreement with this citizen's death by repeated shooting.
    BTW, there was a Hamilton, Ontario, police officer who had continued his own with-pay suspension for over four years; in 2013, he then retired to a full police pension one week before his own legal procedure was to finally take place.
    This afternoon it is announced that the Toronto police officer, Constable Forcillo, is no longer suspended and is now working within the force's administrative activities.  Per CP24, this move is supported by Police Chief Blair.

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    Happy for Montreal.

    Happy for Montreal. I say this as a lifelong Torontonion.
    Their Canadiens hockey team have won a first round sweep against the comparable Tampa Bay Ligntning. IMO, Montreal could have had a statistically easier matchup with the previous (and preferred) undivided full East Conference 1-8 seedings. The same 'rivalry gimmick' penalty* now goes for a potential second round series.
    I miss the way my hometown+ used to be. We used to criticize about Montreal's all-talk pro sports fandom; now we are the empty-hype drone machine.

    * Consider those crummy NHL Norris division teams of the 80s and 90s. Except for one notable third round appearance of the Maple Leafs versus Gretzky and the L.A. Kings, we never had a faint chance, in real playoff terms against... the Jets, Flames, Oilers, nor Canucks. Oh joy(?), mostly we instead had rivalry(!) rounds against a limited number of other sad sack Norris division-only teams.

    + Tuesday night we had two three sideline miscues for Toronto's pro sports.
    First up was a Rogers employed CityTV lead (female) sportscaster narrating that a visiting basketball player should "suck on it/that" as she presented that game's recap. Language aside, it came soon after the Raptors' General Manager was fined $25,000 (by the NBA) for his own public swearing against 'Brooklyn' during a fan rally. Rogers Communications is the co-owner of MLSE.
    Phil Kessel's fishing season tweet.
    Kessel is supposed to be the Leafs' top player - though he is not their team captain. A big market city, a handful of years playing here; so he text messaged that nothing was better than night fishing with his friends. Fair enough - if this wasn't precisely during the first round of missed playoffs as 'rival city' Montreal just completed their own 4-0 victory. C'mon.
    Party like its (dead) Neil Hope's birthday: Hometown Confetti falls as the MLSE Raptors won a game to tie their opening round basketball series at 1-1.

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    Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    Rummage Season.

    Here are a few upcoming church/yard rummage sales happening in the Toronto area:

    Port Perry's United Church - Thurs. and Fri., Apr. 24-25.  GTA cottage country town without the 2-4 hour long getaway.
    Central Etobicoke's Kingway & Lambton United Church - 50th annual sale, Sat., Apr. 26th.
    SW Mississauga's Christ Church's Spring Thing plus a nearby street sale - Sat., Apr. 26th.
    Bloor and Prince Edward's All Saints' Church - Sat. May 3rd.

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    Monday, April 21, 2014

    Not-awesome #902

    # 902.
    standup Long Putter.
    Usually I love when things can be a little bit non-standard or uniformed. Tracts of identical modern townhouses kill my soul. It is why baseball parks boast of their slightly individualized dimensions.
    An exception is the trendy standup Long Putter, for golf. It just reminds me of chimmey sweeps or perhaps old-timey butter churners. Golf is a straight-forward game. It is, for me, enough to get past some of its fashion choices. And then arrives, with all seriousness, the goofy long-putter fellow.
    standup Long Putter, not-awesome.

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    Saturday, April 19, 2014

    Toronto Star Writer: "No place for ... Welfare".

    Stop the presses.  Here's a surprise Wheels article from Saturday's Toronto Star.  The writer, Norris McDonald, is a Torstar regular with a company e-mail address.  This weekend edition article therefore isn't from some external wire service copy.

    The printed headline: Formula 1 no place for motor racing welfare.
    My friend Stanley...
    "I am not in favour of motor racing welfare'" he would say.
    "If those people at the back want more money, they should try harder."
    That is the message I trust FIA boss Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone gave to the four "small" F1 teams..
    And as much as we all love racing, and want to be a part of it, the fact of the matter is, if you can't afford it, you shouldn't be in it.
    Those four teams in F1, rather than bitching and complaining, should look for lessons from the likes of Hendrick and Penske, whose motto says it all: "Effort equals success".
    It would sure be a lot better than writing a letter to Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone and saying, "Please sirs.  Can we have some more?"

    Note: Public Editor Kathy English's same day column regarding most responding readers preferring caution over spelling out curse words. One expects the offsetting to progressive politics approach from the Star's Rosie DiManno, who today points out the plight of mental health patients wishing an occasional cigarette against the authority of their caring bureaucratic governance.
    This anti [safe elite targetted group] welfare article was still a surprise. Perhaps even Toronto's mayor Rob Ford and other right-wing candidates such as John Tory might have more welfare compassion.

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    CNN simu-pilot fired.

    Global TV's morning show has reported that the Flight Simulator Pilot, from Mississauga, seen repeatedly upon CNN's news coverage was fired for dressing too casually.
    Off-hand, I'll agree with the firing in this case.
    Mississauga is a 750,000 population suburb within the overall Toronto area.  We have malls.  If his bosses had told him to perhaps 'tidy it up a bit' owing to his sudden non-stop publicity, then that's the deal.
    Dressing up a bit doesn't have to mean buying a $1,200 tailored suit instead of everyday blue jeans.  Many offices or, rather, non-sweat incurring jobs probably still frown upon plain frumpy blue jeans as standard clothing.  Around S. Ontario, $20 to $45 per a shirt or pants might be a reasonable cost assumption.
    There is a paycheque balancing equation as well to consider.  Employers, IMO, have little call to demand more without themselves also living up to their own expectations.  Given his acquired aircraft piloting job skills: I wonder whether this individual ex-employee had the financial ability (and security) to... own a house, a used(?) car, maybe raise two kids, etc.  The Toronto area is a very expensive place to live.

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    Sunday, April 13, 2014

    Not-awesome #903

    # 903.
    Restless Early Spring Weekends.
    Early Spring is like a tease.  When  I choose to enjoy the early good weather, it often arrives with a weather-change cold.  And high winds.  Or else a lingering snuffle.  It isn't really that warm enough for the light jackets and t-shirts.  And I don't actually want to be so immediately active either.  Even in the heart of Spring, Summer, and Fall I'm rarely so much as that overly active.
    Let it just chill out and build-up naturally.
    Restless Early Spring Weekends, not-awesome.

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    How is Google displaying Canada's borders?

    First they [Google's online Maps division] remapped Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula,
    and I said, "Well, we've still got(!) Canada's portion of the Arctic, our Maritimes region, Quebec, Shield, Prairies..."
    Article link is from the Independent.co.UK

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    Thursday, April 10, 2014

    Toronto Maple Paperbagian.

    So long 'til next season, Maple Leafs.
    Here is a modified NHL Guardian image of the 2010/11 season; The Maple Paperbagian:

    p.s. Back in the 1970s, 'The Unknown Comic' was a real life stand-up comedian. Without the waffle patch though. ;)

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    XP (professional edition) Forever...

    There are a lot of Chicken Little 'The Sky is Falling' reports this week over the arrival of Microsoft's termination of Support Updates for their XP operating system.
    Much of this is stated with 'warning demands' of either updating to Windows Seven (itself a generation and a point-one behind O/S), 8.1 with its non-keyboard tablet design preference and a newer Microsoft-Store ONLY availability of software programs, or else to switch to a random flavour of a free Linux system as created and maintain by (super-trusty?) unknown companies or individuals.  Linux, by the way, is as old as Microsoft's XP or Win98 for all of its own separately tangled progresses.
    Um, yeah.
    FYI, given personal circumstances of my own, I'm actually now using a Windows 2000 set-up with post-support cutoff, hobbyist community, created updates.  I'm also not using it for Internet Usage.
    Myself as well as many others had previously NOT used some of the later official Microsoft Updates for XP and/or earlier Office Suite editions.  There was a time when I continued to selectively install individual minor updates though - via Microsoft.  Often I would check online for various user opinions first though.  In this regard, I share the disappointment of others who finally switched away from Micosoft.
    I've written before over the "advancement" of the Windows system.  AND: why there is and ever was, a Home versus fully enabled Professional edition(s) - I'll never understand.  Buy a $500 or $2,000 machine, budget another $600 - $1000 dollars a year for internet access, then skimp with the pre-loaded reduced abilities 'Home' O/S for a savings of maybe $50?
    There is a good reason that Microsoft... finally... ended up firing a number of its PC division executives last year, after its Windows 8 / 8.1 roll-out.  For all of its undisputed shadowy and complex improvements under the hood, it is their blatantly backwards minded changes to providing an upfront Graphical User Interface design(s) that has turned away customers by the [probably] tens of millions.

    Toasty Tech offers a great general-audience level review of all the Windows versions as well as from other operating systems.  Other independent and comparison reviews can also be readily found online in regards to the ever-lasting Office (program suites) Wars.

    For those interested in continuing with XP Pro - and other versions; consider searching for my discovered "Freeware" entries previously posted.  More than a few* modest items have become 'pure critical' within my user purposes.

    * Metro World News published an article about napping at the office (April 7th via Toronto's daily edition).  It discussed the night-time and sleep disrupting issue of blue spectrum light from computers.  A 2009 freeware version of Flux handles that little item effectively for me (preferred over a later tested update version, btw).

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    Wednesday, April 09, 2014

    Hiring, or not-hiring Ronalds.

    McDonalds Restaurants of Canada is in the news for hiring imported foreign workers first.  The particular case involves a three location franchise in British Columbia.
    After a whistle blower, of four years' employment, reported the situation to CBC News, they in turn contacted the federal government.  The overuse of an imported foreign workers permit program has already tainted other corporations.
    Allegedly the employer was hiring foreign workers, plus giving them more full-time hours - claiming a qualifying requirement - at the expense of lesser hours for Canadian [assumedly, of any race background involved] workers.  They had been turning away numerous Canadian job applicants.  Then the employer was also paying the foreign imported workers 20% more than minimum wage (approximate) paid Canadian workers.
    Taco Bell recently issued a TV commercial with a selection of real-life named Ronald McDonald's enjoying their fast food offerings.  Maybe one of the business competitors, if they are able to, should* tout an employment of Canadian Citizens first?
    McDonald's Restaurants initially defended the involved franchisee when contacted for comment.

    * Mayoral choice for Toronto, Olivia Chow, mentions the local unemployment rates.  If elected, will she order public sector departments, such as for public transit and parking enforcement, to hire more full-time staff given the chronic display of Sunshine List ($100,000, equalizing five times min. wage, exclusive of benefits and pension) employees annually touting regular overtime as a reason for clearing six figures of income.
    She is also playing an unfortunate immigrant young teenager card (of the early 1970s) and - as noted elsewhere in the blogosphere - is advertising in Hong Kong for overseas Canadians and Dual Registered non-resident citizens to vote for her, instead of Toronto's current mayor.  Ms. Chow has multiple decades of elected political years within her resume, including a new admission of smoking dope while initially serving as an elected school trustee.

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    Sunday, April 06, 2014

    Not-awesome #904

    # 904.
    Slick Paper (and $$$) Comic books.
    C'mon now. Comic books are for kids! These things should be semi-disposable, with tacky magic shop adverts and made of pulp.
    Instead, modern post-mid 1980s* comics are generally issued on 'dentist room lasting' high grade paper and therefore priced accordingly higher.
    Slick Paper (and $$$) Comic books, not-super, not-amazing, and not-awesome.

    * I believe that this industry sweeping change-over had started with an epic 'Batman - as the dark knight' saga intended for older readers. There was a generational baby bust, striding thru its preteen years, at that time. This previously decades-successful industry hadn't reverted afterwards.

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    Thursday, April 03, 2014

    Royale as the new (Cdn.) 52.

    Earlier this week I noticed a new Labatt beer advertised on TV.  (That is, a popular U.S. subchannel affiliate not carried in Canada AND not included in the Toronto Star's TV listings.)  It was called Blue Royale - a 6% (U.S. measured) beer.  Last year's new product was Labatt 52 - a low-cal beer.
    The Toronto Star has an article about the lack of (independent) local craft brews available at the Blue Jays' home games at Toronto's Rogers Centre.
    A non beer drinker and non Toronto pro-sports attendee, last year I had asked, in a forum thread, a Rogers Centre sports related employee whether the 52 brand was available.  It was topical only so far as that the stadium and team used to be owned by Labatt.  I hadn't received an answer though.
    During the past couple of years, I'd noticed an complete absence of traditional beer brand marketing - in favour of Budweiser only.

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    Quintet of mainstream News Fools.

    April Fools' Day has come and gone.  Here are a few items which occurred to me in the past couple of days.

    1) Bell Canada's 2-cent billing deduction.  Oh boy!  A penny per month per their 9-1-1 subcharge is credited to me within April's payment.  Announced in this same billing notice, June the 1st will find a 37-cent increase to its Home Phone Service, AND all basic long distance charges will also be increased by 15%.

    2) Air Canada's or (Toronto's) Pearson Airport's passenger assistance.  A world class violinist with a mobility disability was offered some assistance when he arrived at Toronto's main airport.  That is, 'some' assistance.  They reached a point at the airport arrival area where the unknown employed assistant said it's not his job to help any further along.  The disabled musician, Itzhak Perlman, was suddenly left clutching his priceless violin and/or his carry-on luggage.

    3) An Island Airport too far.
    Last night a city council vote to continue discussing the Island Airport runway expansion was approved.  WHY ISN"T ANYONE CONSIDERING just relocating the island airport over to the expansive Leslie St. / Tommy Thompson Park landfill which jets along just beyond the outer side of these Toronto Islands?  We could easily build a streetcar loop directed straight into the underground Union Station from there.  (And maybe rebuild a century ago island sporting field for cricket etc.)
    This small Island Airport has been present for decades.  A bigger modern airport should just be started fresh; either way there will be massive development involved.

    4) How Ted didn't meet Tegan nor Sarah.
    Tuned out long ago; I liked the 'How I Met Your Mother' series ending.  I only watched the last few minutes of it.  That, plus a few minutes of the preceding wrap-up episode.
    When Tim Horton's Restaurants sponsored an earlier episode I noted how cornball-ish the three decades-old Canadian pop/rock music selections, plus a national anthem usage, were.  BTW, Tegan and Sarah received their Juno Awards appreciation this past weekend.  Quasi-spoiler alert.  Any of three of their recent hit songs, issued throughout 2013, could have made a particularly excellent(!) background for this U.S. series: Closer, I Was a Fool (for love), and Goodbye Goodbye.

    5a) Workopolis (owned by TorStar /Globe and Mail) revised its job board site.  Seriously, that was considered an improvement?  Dear lord almighty, you'd think such a mass audience site might be better pre-tested and user-designed.
    Service Canada recently made its own revisions as well.  Now they include a relisting of additional ads from other main job boards, besides their own placements.
    Is there nowhere left where legitimate job availabilities may be posted, meaningfully filtered and searched for, without getting relentlessly white noised by false agency(s) issued postings?

    5b)  That Brampton courthouse shooter had been earning $150,000 a year until 2010.  Aww, the poor troubled (dead) man.

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    Tuesday, April 01, 2014

    Go Leafs Go.

    By now, I am completely loving this season's collapse by the Maple Leafs hockey team.  It has become an inversely consistent bright spot in my life over many years.  Born and raised in the Toronto suburbs, of course I used to modestly root for 'our home team'.
    But with regular season ticket prices I could never afford nor obtain and an attitude of its empty seater audiences...  At some point, as a local sports fan, I got tired or wise (enough).
    I hardly care a whit, whether other NHL teams succeed or fail; I now just enjoy cheering against that hockey organization.

    A sidenote: this particular season is soon to be ended with only one out of the seven Canadian based NHL teams earning a playoff position.

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    So long, Canada Post.

    Jeesh.  Canada Post just jacked up their prices for regular stamps.  Not by 5 or 10 percent [in a virturally zero inflation era], but drasticly so.  Worse, though, is that they just took a page out of public transit's policy book by skewing this latest price increase mostly against their potentially occasional customers.
    It will now cost a full dollar, plus related sales tax(?), for a single stamp.  Per my last recall, that price was approximately 70 cents before sales tax.  At least, they are proceeding with an elimination of costly direct home delivery to those remaining 'entitlement households' not already living with the mild inconvenience of using community mailboxes.
    Applying this new increase more sharply against occasional stamp buyers is short-sighted though.  Imagine yourself as an unassuming visitor /traveller across Canada; such as with this Summer's World Pride, or next year's PanAm and Int'l Soccer events.  You feel like sending out a modest postcard perhaps?  Or maybe just a few Christmas and/or birthday cards.  Something tangible and lasting, rather than a roaming fee text message.  Without a full booklet's worth of purchased stamps - you get Canada Post giving you a deliberately applied extra one-off squeeze pricing routine.
    Ditto whenever you also happen to travel via any form of public transit around here.  With transit, a hidden user discount, beyond the mere cash fare vs. single ticket(s) difference, is also created for annual income-tax deductible monthly transit pass holders.
    As a local citizen, I wouldn't want to be subsidizing visitors; but I sure don't believe that we should be stiffing the occasional versus the ongoing service users either!  This is especially so, with having so many multiple cases of Sunshine ($100,000 per year) calibre and highly pensionable incomes involved.

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    Brampton's OJ Chase.

    Last Friday, a police officer, working as a courthouse screener in Brampton, Ontario, was shot.  Thankfully he survived (the shooter was killed).
    One of the news clips however just reminds me of the O.J. Simpson car chase.  A serious courthouse incident, there must have been a dozen police vehicles roaring along an unnamed local highway - in response.  There weren't, however, hardly any other cars nor trucks to be seen.  Huh?
    Was this* along the 407 toll highway?  Probably.
    During the slow motion Simpson chase, the Los Angeles area highway had been closed to outside public traffic.
    How does a daytime Toronto area multi-lane highway appear as nearly empty - save for the responding police vehicles?  It is when a parallel public owned highway (401 mostly, or the QEW across Oakville and Burlington) is untolled and/or the privately operated toll pricing is high.
    Now how much imbalanced and additional traffic wear and tear does the 401/QEW claim, versus maintenance effects upon the privately leased 407?  Unfair?  That's why we should have either all-tolled, or not tolled highways across the full greater Toronto area.  Actually, we have all-inclusive gas taxes specifically intended for financing public road maintenance(s).
    There'll likely never be such an impromptu barren daytime OJ chase – rapid team response - along the West Toronto area's 401.  C'mon, I've noticed more background city highway cars during a filmed episode of CHiPs.

    * There is also, too, an untolled 410 highway which flows vertically from Brampton to Mississauga and a 401~403 highway interchange.  It is the 407's generally lighter traffic level(s) which I am mildly assuming.

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    Monday, March 31, 2014

    R.I.P. Toronto's Biggest Bookstore.

    Disappointing news on the local retail front.  World's Biggest Bookstore, owned by Chapters /Indigo and situated at a former bowling alley venue just north of the Eaton Centre, has closed.
    This was one of my all-time favourites of Toronto's book stores.  IMO, what set it apart from others was its straight forwardness more so than its scale.  Nothing fancy, just solid rows and aisles clearly labelled with every type of reading material.  Walk into another, modern store (even as developed by its same owners), and navigating through most will feel like trying to exit a casino.
    Quite a number of smaller, independent, book stores had previously closed against the pressures of mega business.  For this corporate owned location its downtown land site was increasingly valuable, plus a variety of other nearby retail businesses - like Sam the Record Man - had already ended.  A few years back, WBB also contained an impressive DVD section within its back room portion.  Notable for Toronto, in front of this unassuming quiet off-Yonge Street store's lone entrance, would always be a cluster of downtrodden individuals.
    Word is that four different restaurants will comprise the next tenancy.  Surely a high rise structure, of some upmarket business /residental design will soon be proposed.

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    Sunday, March 30, 2014

    Not-awesome #905

    # 905.
    Backhanded Opportunities.
    How this N.A. upsets me...  Maybe it is because it is the dominent par of my life's course.
    I can accept - I will support - that opportunities need to be earned.  They also need to exist on a reasonable field of levelness.
    Of course there will always be favourism, nepotism and cronyism etc.  There shouldn't but they do exist.  I would think, however, that anyone who can earn the opportunity, wouldn't want to live as having been cheated out of their own earning.  Claiming an unfair advantage is like boosting of defeating an unassuming younger child at a game.  Is anyone else ever impressed?
    What I tend to receive, or get offered, is the backhanded opportunity.  Sure, I can have my share of the cake; as long as I go out into the field myself, grow all the wheat and other ingredients, and then also bake enough for 5,000 other people of a flavour I don't like.
    It's like accepting an unpaid internship for a company that is already in the declared process of closing down your workplace location.  And then watching the entire company change owners if you've bothered to stay on.
    Backhanded Opportunities, not-awesome.

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    BIG: partially Golf-ball Dimpled Airplanes.

    I hope that whomever had realized those fuel saving wingettes for large airplanes is a billionaire.  Here's something I started wondering about:
    If golf balls are dimpled to improve a golfer's swing distance and control, has that idea ever been tested for airplanes and helicopters?
    I could imagine dimpled nose cones, wings, and/or the tail wing or ending body section.  Maybe dimples would only be applied to a top, bottom, front or back side(s) of any of the above sections.
    Of course, jet airplanes move a whole lot faster than a tiny round golf ball.

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    Friday, March 28, 2014

    Great escaped Canadianism(s).

    1) The Great Escape.
    An all-time Hollywood WWII inspired movie.  I've watched it countless times over many years.  Only now have I learned that:
    A) yes there were some Canadians present,
    and B) some of the key real life individuals were Canadian.  A tunnel designer, the document forgerer, and 'the scrouger' were Canadians. 

    As a born middle-aged Canadian from Toronto, I learn of this only now?!?  Another intentional complete omission or otherwise heavy-handed slight by Hollywood's film industry.
    H/t to Global's Morning News program.

    2) In another topic, "Molson"-Coors.
    Is Molson still a valid business name?  With ongoing mergers and takeovers, identifying companies and ownerships can be like remembering all the professional athlete-team associations.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed a PBS Business News report about an upcoming barley crop shortage for the USA.  The interview was with an ecology higher-up from... the Miller-Coors company.
    So long to another 100 plus year identifiable Canadian-made business?  Hey, if we do get around to, say, a neon sign museum, let's dedicate it to a line-up containing Massey-Ferguson, Eaton's, Dofasco, etc.

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    Thursday, March 27, 2014

    BMO Field will be an Argos' Fumble.

    One more lost dream (of mine) for Toronto:
    Major League Soccer's BMO Field in Toronto is now being heavily considered as the CFL Argonauts' next home.  I believe that this will be a huge mistake.
    Forget having another venue of colour clash - after the initially purple/red/grey of the basketball-first Air Canada Centre was [OF COURSE] shared with the Maple Leafs hockey team.  There is no appetite for mixed use pro sports venues anymore.
    1) A playing surface with unwanted lines of both sports at once.
    2) Low seats.  I think Rogers Centre was great - except that its front row(s) seats ended up getting tarped over.  This pushed their live crowd away from the game itself - and it showed badly via television.  What happened is that every lower-bowl only CFL crowd of 20,000 to 30,000 always looked like 2,000 or 3,000 sitting at a remote distance.  Fun?  Wow.  There are simply too many football personnel standing throughout their sidelines for low-to-the-ground seating rows.  Look around and notice how many NFL fields have their front rows both up close and yet approximately 7 or 8 feet into the air.
    3) Urban Location.  The Skydome was really a suburban fan's dream house.  Take the commuter train or subway and you are right there!  BMO Field requires either a streetcar trip, after the train /subway or else a drive into the downtown city.   Excuse my Inner Toronna opinion: but if I lived in, say, Brampton or Pickering - I aint driving into the deep downtown core unless needs-be.  I say this for Hamilton too.  And I aint adding yet another public transit vehicle to my funtime weekend or evening trip, neither.

    A 40,000 football only stadium - shared with ALL THREE of Toronto's Universities (or two, if Ryerson doesn't have a team, plus not directly within any one campus area).
    A location at the Downview Park area.  Reasonably outer core 401 highway access for fans who drive in - from all directions surrounding Toronto.  Directly commutable by subway and inner-city public bus routes.  Downsview is also fairly reachable by football fans from within the city.  (Try going to the Woodbine horse races without a car - in either hot or cold weather.)
    I will assume that most regular attending soccer fans reside west of the DVP highway and rarely farther away than the 427-to-Gardiner highway adjacent suburbs of Mississauga and Woodbridge.  Do a lot of German Canadians from Kitchener, or East Asian Canucks from Markham, make the MLS gameday trip to the 25,000 seat waterfront BMO Field?  CFL fans, meanwhile, might reside as much from Barrie to London to Peterborough, as well as the entire greater Toronto area.

    IMO: The defaulted return to a CNE modified (compromise) stadium is a literal return to a 40/30 year regression of impeded professional sports presentation.  Only this time around the expected fan commutes, both public or private, within and outside of Toronto, is well past being a nightmare.  S. Ontario and Toronto was a whole lot 'smaller' a full generation ago.

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    Tuesday, March 25, 2014

    Toronto Island SPIT.

    Here is another of my lost dreams for Toronto:
    Why isn't the Billy Bishop* Island Airport re-located to the outer reaching Leslie Street Spit?
    All the room that the airlines could want for a runway.  Further away from the waterfront's condo market.  Buffered from the traditonal Beach neighbourhood with a pre-existing sewage treatment facility.  And if it is not a literal stone's throw away, it is still just a short 'spitting' distance from the downtown skyline.
    Currently 'the spit' otherwise entitled as Tommy Thompson Park is open to the public only on non-winter weekends, while construction rubble gets deposited on weekdays.  There are boat slips within its inner harbour side, however Toronto has also developed a few other marine use parkette areas along its lakefront.  Even the underused Ontario Place location could be reconfigured - with its recently proposed year round waterpark to accept additional boating docks.
    It is [just one idea of] what I would encourage if I were a leading local political person.

    *  Previously I also suggested that this airport be named for someone else.

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